The purpose of the Walter & Alpha Blackburn Scholarship Fund is to provide financial support to under-served high school students who are very deserving. It’s not just about money, but it is about giving them a chance to succeed in life.

What makes the Walter & Alpha Blackburn Scholarship Fund unique?

We provide funds and support for 4 years, not just a one-time gift. This helps ensure these young people are able to finish their education and not have to drop out in the middle of their college careers because of the lack of funds. Our organization is operated by a dedicated group of volunteers.


Students must have been accepted to college for study in architecture, fine art, performing arts, graphic arts or design. We believe the future lies in the “creative class”. It is creativity and innovation that will be the currency of the foreseeable decades to come. Students must hold a 3.0 average each semester to qualify for the next semester’s financial scholarship. This teaches personal accountability and responsibility. Students learn that success is earned. Please consider making a donation. Every dollar counts! It’s more than money, it is an investment in all of our futures. Donate